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MIAC Academy 2020

In 2020, we will again organize our well-established MIAC Academy. Contact us for more information on this highly specialized and interactive training course for clinicians in neurology and radiology.

Partnership with Imeka

Together we combine our medical expertise and experience in image analysis with newly developed AI technologies.

About Us

Since 1995, MIAC has been committed to deliver fully-personalized data analysis for pharmaceutical and academic research.

Advanced image analysis technologies and high impact scientific outcomes for your international trial with our expertise and commitment for personalized customer service.

Tailor-made data analysis pipelines in Swiss quality standards ensure custom metrics and transparent gapless data safety for your imaging study.

The Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC) is a clinical research organisation supporting international trials with advanced image acquisition and analysis technologies. As an academic corporation that was founded at the Basel University Hospital in 1995, MIAC today is tightly embedded in a national and international institutions and research network, driving the translation of novel imaging and post-processing modalities from development to application in clinical trials.

A highly specialized team of board-certified neuro-/radiologists, physicists, biomedical engineers, IT specialists, technicians and clinicians deliver tailor-made image data analysis services and international trial support to the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry.

All MIAC services follow the high standards of Swiss quality and comply with the requirements of FDA – 21 CFR Part 11 & ICH – Good Clinical Practices.

Clinical Trials

MIAC provides an extensive suite of services to successfully plan, organize, and lead your international trial.

MIAC is your certified partner and reference center for phase II, III and IV trials and has been analyzing international key studies for more than two decades, establishing a well-cited track record with scientific and commercial partners.

Project Planning

Study Hosting

Image Analysis

Output & Performance

Project Planning

Our in-house specialists of board-certified neuro-/radiologists, experienced MR physicists, MR technicians and image analysis experts provide an extensive support in planning and setting-up your study, identifying the most relevant outcome biomarker(s) and designing state of the art analysis pipelines that include all necessary validation and quality assurance steps.

Study Hosting

At MIAC, we benefit from over 25 years experience in designing and conducting imaging protocols in scientific and clinical trials, from small pilot projects to large world-wide phase III trials on all continents. We provide 24/7 support for every aspect of your study, from site selection, technical assistance to quality assurance, 365 days a year. Our long-term expertise and know-how in data management allows us to assist you to safely collect, manage and store your data in a secured environment easily accessible via our study specific web portals.

Image Analysis

We offer standard and custom analyses for every kind of medical image data (i.e. MRI, CT, PET, OCT) including advanced / future modalities (i.e. ultralow and ultrahigh field MRI, MR fingerprinting, MR elastography). Our extensive library of studies, validated workflows and data management pipelines ensure quantitative, structural and functional image analyses in highest quality and reliability. In addition to routine quantification algorithms, we aim to provide tailored in-house solutions for every imaging aspect of your specific study.

Output & Performance

Our webportal enables you to monitor your study progress in real-time, providing you with a comprehensive overview and full control of the study process. Our experienced staff of scientists, neuro-/radiologists, MR physicists and image analysis experts gladly assist you in achieving an optimal trial outcome. We personally support each participating site world-wide during the trial, contribute to scientific and statistical analyses, and provide personal guidance for the interpretation and summary of study results aiming at high impact publications.


MIAC covers a wide range of research activities in the field of medical imaging.

Our in-house research unit is embedded in a national and international network driving the translation of novel imaging and post-processing modalities from development to applications in clinical trials. MIAC closely collaborates with the qbig (Quantitative Biomedical Imaging Group), the AMT (Adaptable MRI Technology) lab, the CIAN (Center for medical Image Analysis and Navigation), and the ThINk (Translational Imaging in Neurology) group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at University Basel.

Image-based biomarkers pipelines

Morphometry and quantitative modeling: MIAC efforts focus on developing and combining morphometric markers, which allow for (automated) digital image processing in the context of large multi-center studies.

Imaging phenotypes: Our work aims to detail the morphology of various brain lesions by using advanced neuroimaging techniques to establish new diagnostic and prognostic imaging biomarkers.

Data standardization and homogenization pipelines

Data preparation and processing paradigms: MIAC is developing systems and platforms that support building and using tailored image processing tasks in a standardized modular framework.

Phantom design: MIAC efforts focus on building a modular framework for the construction of 3D-printed brain phantoms, which realistically mimic both anatomy and imaging properties of human brain regions.

Advanced tissue characerization

Arterial spin labeling perfusion and permeability: Our current research focuses on assessing changes in brain perfusion or permeability using an optimized ASL protocol.

MR elastography: MIAC efforts currently focus on defining, optimizing and validating MR elastography protocols to finally evaluate its clinical performance in assessing disease progression or treatment response.

Quantitative contrast mechanisms and ultrahigh field imaging: We integrate advanced neuroimaging techniques such as ultrahigh field MRI at 7 Tesla, quantitative contrast mechanisms and artificial intelligence powered automated segmentation methods to better detect and understand neurodegeneration.

Functional imaging

Functional imaging: The analyses of changes in brain activity allow us to study the neuronal plasticity induced by clinical interventions in both healthy subjects and clinical populations.


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Working at MIAC

Working at MIAC

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Latest news and achievements.

Partnership with IMEKA

MIAC Brain Volumes

Partnership with IMEKA

MIAC announces its new partnership with IMEKA. Together we combine our medical expertise and experience in image analysis with newly developed AI technologies.

Since 2011, Imeka is playing an influential role in the search and development of treatments for brain diseases. With two locations, Sherbrooke, Canada and Cambridge, USA, Imeka offers image processing of white matter microstructure, including free-water imaging which can help understand neuroinflammation, axonal loss and demyelination, using diffusion imaging.

MIAC Brain Volumes

MIAC is pleased to announce Brain Volumes. The software is now online accessible at https://brainvolumes.ch/. With a single registration, you will be able to quantify caudate, hippocampus, palladium, putamen, thalamus, ventricles, CSF and intracranial volumes.